Working Papers:

Labor supply response to house price shocks: Evidence from Japan.
2023. Hamaaki, J; Iwata, S. PDRC Keio Discussion Paper Series DP2023-001.

The spillover effects of compact city policy on incumbent retailers: Evidence from Toyama City.
2021. Iwata, S; Kondo, K. RIETI Discussion Paper Series 21-E-085.
[The previous Japanese version ]

Housing inheritance, financial assistance, and reciprocal interdependence.
2019. Iwata, S; Yukutake, N. Working Paper No. 321, Faculty of Economics, University of Toyama.


Housing wealth and consumption among elderly Japanese.
2022. Iwata, S; Yukutake, N. Housing Studies, 37(3), 376-392.

Price competition in the spatial real estate market: allies or rivals?
2019. Iwata, S; Sumita, K; Fujisawa, M. Spatial Economic Analysis, 14(2), 174-195.
[Preprint version ]

The asymmetric housing wealth effect on childbirth.
2017. Iwata, S; Naoi, M. Review of Economics of the Household, 15(4), 1373-1397.
[Preprint version ]

The crowding-out effect of housing subsidies on parental support: evidence from Japanese mortgage tax credits.
2017. Iwata, S; Yukutake, N. Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, 32(4), 673-691.
[Preprint version ]

Strategic interaction between inter vivos gifts and housing acquisition.
2015. Yukutake, N; Iwata, S; Idee, T. Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 35, 62-77.
[Preprint version ]

The backward-bending commute times of married women with household responsibility.
2014. Iwata, S; Tamada, K. Transportation, 41(2), 251-278.
[Preprint version ]

Homeless networks and geographic concentration: evidence from Osaka City.
2011. Iwata, S; Karato, K. Papers in Regional Science, 90(1), 27-44.

Auction price formation with costly occupants: evidence using data from the Osaka district court.
2011. Idee, T; Iwata, S; Taguchi, T. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 42(1), 84-98.

Land tenure security and home maintenance: evidence from Japan.
2009. Iwata, S; Yamaga, H. Land Economics, 85(3), 429-441.

Rental externality, tenure security, and housing quality.
2008. Iwata, S; Yamaga, H. Journal of Housing Economics, 17(3), 201-211.
[Preprint version ]

Resale externality and the used housing market.
2007. Iwata, S; Yamaga, H. Real Estate Economics, 35(3), 331-347.

The Japanese tenant protection law and asymmetric information on tenure length.
2002. Iwata, S. Journal of Housing Economics, 11(2), 125-151.

Working Papers Before 2012:

Fertility and the user cost of home ownership: evidence from regional panel data.
2012. Shuya; Iwata, S. Working Paper No. 267, Faculty of Economics, University of Toyama.

Homeless networks: testing peer and homed networks against location choice.
2007. Iwata, S; Karato, K. CIRJE-F-522, CIRJE, University of Tokyo.
Revised March/2010.

The costs and benefits of tenancy rent control in Tokyo.
2004. Iwata, S; Yamaga, H. IPPS Discussion Paper Series 1081, University of Tsukuba.

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