Faculty of Economics, Kanagawa University
3-27-1 Rokkakubashi Kanagawa-ku Yokohama 221-8686, Japan

siwata (at) kanagawa-u (dot) ac (dot) jp

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Ph.D. in Economics, Osaka University, Japan, 2002

Research Fields:
Housing and Urban Economics

Recent Research Topics:

  • Housing wealth effects on consumption and retirement
  • Upstream financial transfers and downstream housing transfers
  • Upstream in-kind transfers and downstream housing transfers
  • Compact city policies and retail sales

Research Projects:

Recent Working Papers:

  • Labor supply response to house price shocks: Evidence from Japan. [Abstract]
  • The spillover effects of compact city policy on incumbent retailers: Evidence from Toyama City. [Abstract]
  • Housing inheritance, financial assistance, and reciprocal interdependence. [Abstract]

Recent Publications:

  • Housing wealth and consumption among elderly Japanese. Housing Studies, 37(3), 2022. [Abstract]
  • Price competition in the spatial real estate market: allies or rivals? Spatial Economic Analysis, 14(2), 2019. [Abstract]

Teaching (in Japanese):

  • Microeconomics

    • Microeconomics Workbook [Link]
  • Urban Economics

    • Geospatial Data Visualization with R [Tutorial] (Rによる地理空間データの可視化)
    • Lecture Notes on Urban Economics Insights [Notes] (都市経済学講義ノート)
  • Seminar
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